‘You’re Just Less Orderly’: A Letter to Stuart Lester

Stuart Lester was the recipient of an unwritten letter of gratitude I had been carrying in my thoughts. Today was Stuart’s funeral. I can’t give him that letter any more. So the following is my way of writing that letter.  And, as most letters of gratitude are, it is (uncomfortably) as much a letter aboutContinue reading “‘You’re Just Less Orderly’: A Letter to Stuart Lester”

Halloween + Grown-Ups

Halloween season is one of the few times– at least, in American culture– in which grown-ups and kids play on somewhat equal terms. Commercially, costumes for adults are about as prevalent as costumes for kids; in October, it’s socially acceptable for an adult to put on a bunny costume, go to a party, and sipContinue reading “Halloween + Grown-Ups”