Occuplay Museums


Occuplay Museums is an upcoming open-source, web-based platform designed to mobilize temporary playful takeovers of museums.

The intention of the Occuplay Museums project is to:

  • Explore the potential for playfulness in existing museum spaces through real-life experimentation
  • Generate critical debate and reflection around how play for play’s sake is allowed for in informal “learning” environments
  • and to create spaces in museum where, as the late Stuart Lester put it, “temporarily life is a little more enjoyable for everybody”

Occuplay Museums is currently in development and, when it launches in 2018, will result in a set of simple challenges/parameters that encourage individuals or groups to think about how they might make a museum space more playful. Participants do not need to work at museums; they could be artists, playworkers, children’s play activists, or other people interested in play and museums.  Participants will document and write about their experiences, and these experiences will be shared online.