Putting Children First

The Spring 2022 edition of Exhibition is out! It’s a great round-up of museum people who are working to create space for children in exhibits and programs. Big props to Editor Ellen Snyder-Grenier and Managing Editor Ian Kerrigan for pulling everyone together!

If you’re going to the American Alliance of Museums annual conference in Boston, you’ll have the chance to hear more from four “Putting Children First” journal authors. The panel is called “Places of Possibility: How Children Transform Our Practice” and it’s happening at AAM on Friday, May 20, from 2 to 3. Alongside Nicole Cromartie/Bailey Placzek, Kris Nesbitt, Victoria Coats, I’ll be talking about how museum professionals might learn from playwork practice.

As a panel, we thought it would be helpful for folks to have access to our articles before and after the session. Below are links to our articles, which appear in the journal Exhibition (Spring 2022) Vol. 41 No. 1 and are reproduced here with permission from the National Association for Museum Exhibition.

“This drawing is a tunnel for a hungry monster”

Nicole Cromartie and Bailey Placzek

Using the Goals of Universal Design to Improve Exhibitions for Kids

Kris Nesbitt and Ingrid M. Kanics

[Kris and Ingrid’s article is available directly from the NAME Exhibition website.]

Focusing on Adult Learning to Put the Youngest Learners First

Victoria Coats and Cecilia Nguyen

Playworking the Museum: What Can Exhibits Learn from Adventure Playgrounds?

Megan Dickerson

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