13 Photos that Show How Fun Museums Could Be

After last night’s Art After Dark event at the Honolulu Art Museum, it’s going to be hard for me to visit an art museum when it is NOT Halloween. What if every visit to an art museum was like this?

Greek in Hawaii

Adjusting a luxurious blue toga in front of an art deco landscape.


Wonder Woman checks a text in the Mediterranean courtyard.

Beyond the mask

The Onryo from The Grudge checks out her competition while Jordan Tootoo looks on. 


 Hazmat or Spongebob? 


I vaaaaant to read your well-written and pithy wall didactics.

Construction worker

Even construction workers love hand-carved, hand-painted Bodhisatvas!  [That guy in the Hawaiian shirt didn’t know it was costume night. Here in Hawaii, they just call them “shirts.”]

Charlie Brown

Good grief! All this wood makes Charlie Brown uncomfortable!

King of Sheba

Examination of the colonial bias represented in a Eugene Savage mural causes the Bathrobe Sheik to question his own history of cultural representation.

White robe

Sadly, one of the only safe spaces to wear your own cultural clothing evocative of the Middle East is on Halloween at an art museum. While looking at Chinese scroll paintings. Can I get a James Clifford Pure Products Go Crazy what? 


“I told you, I’m near the restrooms on the west wing! No, not the gallery with the scrolls. The one with the pre-contact etchings!”


Krishna, Radha and… THE DEVIL.


Ghosting, banana style. But I think for this guy, it’s called splitting.

The Great Pumpkin

And finally, the girl with the pumpkin everything.

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