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In summer 2012, Boston Children’s Museum partnered with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and the Food Project to create a temporary play space at Dudley Town Common, a 3200 sq ft, triangular shaped park at the five-way intersection of Blue Hill Ave, Magazine St, Mt Pleasant St., Hampden St. and Dudley St in Roxbury.

Every “pop up” operation outside a group’s homebase is an opportunity for placemaking and communication of mission. Thoughtful planning can amplify success, and we certainly learned much from our highly collaborative development process. Download a document that pairs “plusses” of the Pop Up Children’s Museum days with “deltas” (room for growth and change) here: The Pop Up Primer

For more information on the overall project, visit





Some thoughts on designing experiences for young people:

How to design for children



A recent compilation of stories told by playworkers and other practitioners at a children’s museum:

April – July 2016 Museum Stories ALL


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